Covid 19

Information about Covid-19

The situation regarding Covid-19

We are hoping that next school year will go as normally as possible. The challenge as we see it now is the trips abroad. We really want to see through that all of the planned trips for the next school year will be arranged. Therefore, we will, if necessary, postpone the departure dates for the trips abroad until the spring of 2022 - instead of the autumn of 2021.

When it comes to the trip to Cambodia / Thailand, it is very uncertain that this trip will be arranged. We have decided that the trip will be voluntary, and we will within 1. October make a final decision on whether the trip can be arranged or not. If it has to be canceled, a lot of work will be put into making an alternative group trip at a somewhat reduced price.

Our experiences

The school year 20/21 was a good experience for the students despite the pandemic in society. Students and staff made a formidable effort with infection control. We succeeded in keeping Covid-19 away from the school. During the year that has now been, we have built up quite a lot of expertise associated with the handling of covid-19. This means that if we also have to deal with cohorts in the autumn, we have found good solutions and routines for this. We naturally work closely with the municipal superior in our community, and we also coordinate operations according to the national guidelines that we receive.

Start-up August 2021

If there is a situation at the start of the schoolyear regarding Covid-19, we will follow the same routines as we have done this year:

  • 10-days period where the classes are divided into cohorts
  • Food service is devided in 2 groups - so we can keep a better distance from each other.
  • Few or no joint happenings togheter with students from other classes.
  • Focus on washing hands and keeping distance.
  • Do not use shared toilets - only the toilets attached to the student rooms.
  • After the break-in period is over, we ease up on the control regime. Then we start the social afternoon activities, the students are allowed to mix at the intersection of the lines.

The upcoming year

We are very grateful that despite the Covid-19 situation, no students have been infected. The students have had a normal folk-high-school year in many ways.

And as the situation looks now, especially considering the vaccination program that has a great progression in Norway, we think that the next school year will be even more normal.


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