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General information


Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet (Folk high school Sørlandet) is a Norwegian boarding school. We offer a wide range of courses for Norwegian students, and a course for international students in Norwegian language and culture.

019This section offers information about this and other courses, the school, important dates, economical issues, application and also about the opportunity to contact us.

Note that applicants from other countries must have relatives or friends in Norway who can take the responsibility of a Contact Person between the school and the student. This person must be fluent in Norwegian and have a Norwegian residence. The Contact Person is also supposed to invite the student to stay with him or her in the school’s holidays (the Autumn, Christmas, Winter and Easter holidays), as the school is closed on these occations.



The school

As mentioned, Folk High School Sørlandet (Former Birkeland Folk High School) is a boarding school. The Folk High Schools focus on the combination of academic learning and an active social environment. With about 130 other people plus staff around you 24 hours of the day, you really learn to interact within a large group. The students 007come from all the different parts of Norway and from many other countries as well.
The school has a very international profile with a course in global focus in addition to the course for international students. You''ll get the opportunity to make many friends from many different parts of the world.

The school is situated on the southernmost part of Norway, only 30 kilometres (19 miles) northeast of Kristiansand. Kristiansand international airport Kjevik is only 20 kilometres (13 miles) away. See map for details.


At Folk High School Sørlandet we have several different courses, e.g. Computing, Music, soccer and Sports. Unless you have good skills in Norwegian already, however, we recommend the course for international students (internasjonal - Catch Norway). The students taking this course come from many countries, and they will during the academic year learn Norwegian and about Norwegian culture.


044Components in course for international students (Internasjonal - Catch Norway):

Main subject (app. 14 hours/week):

  • Norwegian with social science.
  • Teaching methods
  • Practice in reading and writing Norwegian.
  • Conversation training
  • Grammar and phonetics
  • Topics from social sciences
  • Training in acquiring information from different sources
  • Group work
  • Project work

Additional subjects (app. 5 hours/week):  

  • Christian faith
  • Singsong
  • Room and dormatory cleaning
  • Information
  • Planning trips

Seminars (4 hours/week)

Typically this could be interesting guests sharing interesting stories. 

Optional subjects (3 hours/week)

You can choose among a variety of different optional subjects. For example:

  • Different sports (volleyball, fotball ect.)
  • Various handcraft subjects (Street-Art, jewelry design ect.)
  • Dance
  • Cooking
  • Different subjects related to music (Learn the guitar, play in a band ect.)


At Folk High School Sørlandet we operate close to the minimum charges for staying at Folk High Schools in Norway. For the school year 2019/2020 the following figures are valid:

  1. Admissions fee (which must be paid when you are admitted to the school): NOK 2 500
  2. Tuition fee (food and lodging in twin bed room, also includes copying fee, use of washing machine etc): NOK 88.300
  3. The students may choose ONE of the following four school trips (they are arranged at the same time):
  • Hovden in Norway (included in tuition fee)     
  • Budapest (additional NOK 6 000 extra)     
  • Ecuador (additional NOK 21 500 extra)    
  • Kenya (additional NOK 16 500 extra)

     4. Books, materials, Joint trips, excursions etc.: app. NOK 8 500


036Total (study trip to Hovden included): app. NOK 99 300 (88 300+8 500+2 500)

Please note that the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) requires that applicants from outside the EU pay for the entire year before any application for a residence permit can be processed. For the academic school year of 2019-20, the amount of money that should be payed to our account before the application can be further processed is set to 104.500,- by the norwegian UDI. 

You may contact the school if you want to receive a payment plan for your stay.

NOTE! Every folk-high school, including Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet, has a rule that any student who quits prematurely must pay for six weeks in addition to the time he or she stays at the school.


Scholarships and loans

Foreign students will normally not be granted scholarships or loans from Statens Lånekasse ( in Norway .


Online application

Or contact the school and ask for information and an application form by mail. Please complete the form, and send it to us (see adress below).

Please note that deadline for application is April 1. 2019.

Contact the school

There are various ways of getting in touch with us, and please do:

  • E-mail: post(at)
  • Telephone: +47 37 28 11 00
  • Telefax: +47 37 28 11 01

Postal address:

Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet
Folkehøyskoleveien 30
N-4760 Birkeland


Linda A Sødal, main teacher of the International course.

e-mail: linda(at) 


Linda Antonsen Soedal

  Welcome to Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet!