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Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet (Folk high school Sørlandet) is a Norwegian boarding school. We offer a wide range of courses for Norwegian students, and a course for international students in Norwegian language and culture.

This section offers information about this and other courses, the school, important dates, economical issues, application and also about the opportunity to contact us.

Note that applicants from other countries must have relatives or friends in Norway who can take the responsibility of a Contact Person between the school and the student. This person must be fluent in Norwegian and have a Norwegian residence. The Contact Person is also supposed to invite the student to stay with him or her in the school’s holidays (the Autumn, Christmas, Winter and Easter holidays), as the school is closed on these occations.

As mentioned, Folk High School Sørlandet (Former Birkeland Folk High School) is a boarding school. The Folk High Schools focus on the combination of academic learning and an active social environment. With about 130 other people plus staff around you 24 hours of the day, you really learn to interact within a large group. The students come from all the different parts of Norway and the international students come from all parts of the world.

The school is situated on the southernmost part of Norway, only 30 kilometres (19 miles) northeast of Kristiansand. Kristiansand international airport Kjevik is only 20 kilometres (13 miles) away.

At Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet you will meet a language teaching method called suggestopedia.

This is a fun, intuitive and joyful way of learning. We sing, play, act, use our imagination, listen and talk. First and foremost this is a course for beginners. It is  useful to know English as a support language.

At Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet you will get the opportunity to grow and to develop professionally and as a human being in the international society we all are a part of.

In the dormitory, during meals, on trips, during musical work and physical activities and classroom lessons, - through all this and so much more you will get to know other people and to make new friends. And you will get to know better who YOU are.

We also want to give you insight and understanding of Norwegian culture and society, such as music, food, traditions, culture treasures and nature.

And we want you to teach us about your country and your culture.

In class we work individually and in groups, and you have classes together with others courses at school.

Doing fun stuff with Norwegian students is a great way to get friends and to get better at the language.

If your goal is to be fluent in Norwegian, you’ll need a strong self-discipline, as you need to study on your own in addition to the lessons. However, if your goal is to learn basic communication skills and have fun - join our wonderful international class, give it your best, get friends and have a great year.  We strongly recommend you to take part in activities during afternoons and evenings. This will give you many occasions to hear and to speak Norwegian. Only practice makes perfect.

In addition to our focus on learning the language, the students at this course also get to experience some beautiful views of Norway, - especially Sørlandet, the southern part of the country

  • The Skerries
  • Mountain trips
  • Museums
  • Hiking
  • Visits in our own region
  • Concerts

You can also choose to join a trip to Cambodia or Budapest. This trip will be arranged at the same time, in spring 2023.

If you want to join one of these trips, this is something you choose after the school has started.

The costs for joining the trips is:

  • Cambodia NOK 19.000,-
  • Budapest NOK 9.000,-

There will be a thorough presentation of the trips before you choose trip.

If you choose not to join one of theese trips, there will be arranged a trip in Norway that will be included in the tuition fee.

For the school year 2022/2023 the following figures are valid:

  • Admissions fee (which must be paid when you are admitted to the school): NOK 2 500
  • Tuition fee (food and lodging in twin bed room), also includes copying fee, Wi-Fi, use of washing machine etc): NOK 96.000,-
  • Books, materials, Joint trips, excursions etc.: NOK 10.000,- 

Please note that the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) requires that applicants from outside the EU pay for the entire year before any application for a residence permit can be processed. For the academic school year of 2022-23, the amount of money that should be payed to our account before the application can be further processed is set to 110.000,- by the Norwegian UDI.

You may contact the school if you want to receive a payment plan for your stay.

NOTE! Every folk-high school, including Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet, has a rule that any student who quits prematurely must pay for six weeks in addition to the time he or she stays at the school.

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