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Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet is a special type of Norwegian boarding school, called folk high school. We offer a wide range of courses for Norwegian students, and a course for international students in Norwegian language and culture.

This section offers information about the school. For more detailed information about our international course, International - Catch Norway, please follow this link. If you want a more thorough explanation in general, read more here.

Underneath you will find some general information about Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet, as well as an overview of some of our employees, trips, fees, and our contact info. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any questions you might have about our school, the international course or studying here. We would love to help! 

International - Catch Norway is a course in our school, especially designed for international students who wants to learn Norwegian quickly. Through the course you will get to know Norwegian culture as well as learn the language in a fun and engaging way. You will live at our school, together with students from Norway and the other international students. You'll get to know each other through classes, evening activities, trips and special events. This is a year filled with culture, learning, and lasting friendships! 

For more information in English about this specific course, follow this link

International class in Arendal

Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet is a boarding school. A school year here lasts from August till May, with classes Monday till Saturday. The Folk High Schools' focus is on the combination of academic learning and an active social environment. There will be about 130 other students, plus staff, around you 24 hours a day. The students come from all parts of Norway, and the international students come from all parts of the world.

Through a year like this you learn more about yourself. You will get opportunities to challenge yourself, reflect, interact with others and learn new skills. 

The school is located far South in Norway, near the ocean and multiple small and one larger city. We are in close proximity to the coastline, forests, and hilltops. The weather here is usually more sunny and warm than other parts of Norway, and we usually get some snow around school during the winter. 

Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet is a Christian school, owned by Christian organizations. That doesn't mean you have to identify as a Christian to study here, but you will learn about Christian faith while being here, and there will be Christian gatherings once a week for those who want to attend. We welcome everyone, and want this to be a safe environment for people to be themselves, with their beliefs, doubts, questions and dreams. 

Kjevik Kristiansand international airport is about 20 kilometers (13 miles) away. Torp Sandefjord international airport is about 190 kilometers away.  


Teachers and staff you will meet at our school.

Info and pictures to come. 


At the beginning of the year, the whole school travels to Rønbjerg in Denmark together. We travel by bus and boat, and spend a few days together in a holiday resort. This trip is included in the tuition fee. 


Choose one of four trips

In Spring the whole school will be travelling again, but this time you will choose one of four destinations. One of them is included in the tuition fee, for the three other options an additional charge applies. 

The options are:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark - included in the tuition fee. 

2. Budapest, Hungary - about 10 000 NOK in additional cost. 

3. Cambodia and Thailand - about 24 000 NOK in additional cost.

4. Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands - about 31 000 NOK in additional cost. 

More information will be given once you start school, and the choice of what trip will be taken during the autumn semester. 


For more information in English about the trips follow this link, and go to "School trips". 


Contact Person

Please note that applicants from other countries must have relatives or friends in Norway who can take the responsibility of a Contact Person between the school and the student. This person must be fluent in Norwegian and have a Norwegian residence. The Contact Person is also supposed to invite the student to stay with him or her in the school’s holidays (the Autumn, Christmas, Winter and Easter holidays), as the school is closed on these occations.



For the school year 2024/2025 the following figures are valid:

  • Admissions fee (which must be paid when you are admitted to the school): NOK 2.600,-
  • Tuition fee (food and lodging in twin bed room - also includes Wi-Fi, use of washing machine, copying fee, etc.): NOK 104.500,-
  • Course fee (books, materials, trips, excursions etc.): NOK 16.000,- 

Please note that the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) requires that applicants from outside the EU pay for the entire year before the application for a residence permit can be processed. For the academic school year of 2024-25, the amount will be released soon.

Please contact the school if you would like to receive a payment plan for your stay.

NOTE! Every folk high school, including Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet, has a rule that any student who quits prematurely must pay for six weeks in addition to the time he or she stays at the school.


Online application form

Please don't hesitate getting in touch. 

There are various way you can reach us: 

E-mail: post@fhssorlandet.no

Telephone: +47 37 28 11 00


You can also find our school and the International class on Instagram to ask questions through Direct Message and see what were up to. 

International - Catch Norway - @internasjonalfhs

Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet - @fhssorlandet


The international course


To apply for International - Catch Norway please follow this link.